sensitive sen‧si‧tive [ˈsenstɪv] adjective
1. very easily and quickly affected by changes:

• Many economically sensitive companies have closed factories and cut their staff.

• We face fierce competition from imports and price-sensitive consumers (= customers who are likely to buy a product if the price goes down, and not buy it if the price rises ) .

sensitive to

• A fall in bond prices discouraged investors from buying stocks that are sensitive to interest rates.

2. something that is sensitive is kept secret because it might be used to gain an advantage:

• During the trial, the company argued that the documents contained sensitive trade secrets and should be kept confidential.

• Modern telecommunications technology means there is a greater risk that sensitive information will be misused or stolen.

3. able to understand other people's needs or particular problems etc:

• Local authorities will have to become more customer sensitive.

• Waste must be disposed of in an environmentally sensitive way.

sensitive to

• We're sensitive to consumers' needs and opinions.

* * *

sensitive UK US /ˈsensɪtɪv/ adjective
easily influenced or affected by something: »

This sector is more likely to be more price sensitive than the domestic sector.


economically sensitive

sensitive to sth »

Investors were increasingly sensitive to interest rates.

used to describe a subject, situation, etc. that needs to be dealt with carefully or kept secret: »

The secret service has acknowledged that there's classified and sensitive information that they are not able to tell the public.


sensitive documents


sensitive email

understanding what other people need, and being helpful to them: sensitive to sth »

A local board could be more sensitive to the education needs of students.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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